Ultra High Pressure Jetting

Need to remove concrete, tree roots, fatbergs grease or scale?

10,000 PSI high pressure jetting

If you’re experiencing consistently blocked drains, or notice water draining much slower than usual, Hampshire Drainage can offer high pressure jetting services to help clear blockages and make pipework feel almost brand new.

How high-pressure jetting works

Ultra-high pressure jetting is a procedure in which compressed and highly concentrated pressurised water is blasted out of a small nozzle to cut through grime, dirt, and other build-up.

Ultra-high pressure drain jetting is used for drain degreasing, fatberg removal, and descaling. It is a highly effective tool to help with maintaining good working condition drains just about anywhere.

Once the drain descaling has been complete, our team will arrange the disposable of any waste that has been dislodged so that the drainage systems can continue to be clean and in good working condition.

Then, after everything has been cleaned up, we will also provide a CCTV inspection of the newly cleaned drain to ensure that the pipes are fully clean and functioning.


Why drain jetting?

Benefits of high-pressure drain jetting

Our 10,000 PSI drain jetting tools can cut through just about anything.

Whether that’s the removal of rust from cast iron pipes or cutting through grease, concrete, or fatbergs, jetting is a highly powerful tool and is used in a wide number of industries.

It’s also one of the easiest and eco-friendliest solutions to drain unblocking.

The 10,000 PSI jetting process is not only fast, but it’s also incredibly effective for its low cost.

The use of a small nozzle only increases the pressure of the water coming through, meaning less water is needed to create a highly pressurized result.

Many applications

Our ultra high-pressure drain jetting service

While simple blockages in drains might come out with a few flashes of hot water, serious blockages require expert help. Here at Hampshire Drainage, we are proud to offer fast, effective, and cost-efficient jetting solutions to both domestic and commercial customers.

  • Concreteberg removal

    You’ve probably heard nightmare stories of white blockages or fatbergs lurking in the drains, but there is also the risk of concretebergs. During new construction projects, concrete is poured into the ground to form the base for new structures. Sometimes, concrete can overflow the designated area and seep into the sewers.

    Once in the sewers, the concrete will travel down the pipes before it eventually sets into place. This can cause serious damage to the drain’s function and needs to be prevented at all costs. In the unfortunate event that concrete does flow into the sewers, Hampshire Drainage can offer concreteberg removal services for construction sites and local water authorities

  • Drain tree root removal

    Another detrimental substance for drains is plant or tree roots. When roots find a way into the drainage system, they can quickly block off the piping and impact water flow.

    Additionally, they can also create cracks and leaks within the pipes themselves. All of this put together leads to serious damage to the system and will require intense repair.

    In order to combat this, we can offer tree root removal as soon as the issue begins. By tackling the problem as soon as possible, larger damage can be averted.

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