Pitch Fibre Drain Repair

Cellulose pipes

Pitch Fibre Drain Repair

Pitch fibre pipes were developed in the 1940s when other durable materials were in short supply. The fibre was created from a wood cellulose and impregnated with coal tar and asbestos to create a stronger material.

This strengthened fibre was a popular choice when building housing as it was seen as a lightweight and cheaper alternative to the traditional clay piping. As such, it was used to create piping for drainage systems until the late 60’s when plastic piping took over as a better option.

Downfalls & problems

The problem with pitch fibre piping

Pitch fibre has a series of downfalls and problems. To start, the life expectancy for the material is at a measly 40 years. As older homes have now become more desirable for the younger house buyer, drainage companies are seeing more and more people contact them for pitch fibre drain repairs than ever.

Due to wear and tear and the general low quality of the material, pitch fibre drains eventually collapse inwards. This, in turn, delaminates the interior of the pipe, meaning hot water, fat and grease can quickly damage the pipe further.

Constant contact with hot water can also cause blistering and deformation. For piping that is purely for water drainage purposes, this is less than ideal!


How can we help

If you suspect a problem with your piping or are looking to buy an older property sometime soon, Hampshire Drainage can provide pitch fibre drain repair services and maintenance.

To start the process, we will first inspect the pipes using a CCTV camera survey to identify where the issue lies, and what the best course of action would be to repair the damage.

Pitch repair re-rounding

Pitch repair re-rounding uses cure-in-place piping (CIPP) to re-round, restructure and secure the existing pipe. CIPP is a trenchless technology that is created using a resin mix that is layered into a flexible tube. The tubing is then inserted into the original, collapsed pitch fibre pipe and cured once inside. Once cured, the new lining will act as a new, structurally sound pipe without replacement or removal of the original pipe required.

Pipe replacement

This would involve excavating the original pitch fibre piping and replacing it with more reliable plastic pipework. This is chosen as the last resort in cases where a non-invasive drain repair cannot be done.

If you need help with a pitch fibre drain repair, get in touch at 02392 793985 or info@hampshiredrainage.uk.

Get the inspection first

Homebuyers drain survey

If you currently live in or are considering buying a home built between 1940-65, we recommend a homebuyers drain survey.

In fact, we recommend this service to anyone about to sign a contract for their new home.

Hampshire Drainage are happy to provide a CCTV drainage inspection to determine any current issues with the pipework and any risks that may cause damage in the future.

From this, we will work with you to create a solution plan if needed.

It is worth noting that insurance companies are quick to deny pitch fibre pipe repairs under their policies, so this is something to look into once the initial inspection has been done.


Need our help?

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Hampshire Drainage is on hand to fix any damaged, collapsed, or blocked drains.

By identifying the issue first, we can work with our customers to find the most suitable approach to any problem in the most effective and undisruptive way possible.

If you’re looking for a trusted drain repair service, look no further than Hampshire Drainage. We can provide the best descaling, maintenance, and repair services to get your drains back to full working order.


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