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Sewage treatment plant problems

Do you have septic Tank Problems in North Baddesley?

Underground septic tanks can easily be forgotten, and as such, the untrained eye can struggle to notice when something is wrong. By understanding the warning signs, property owners can identify small changes within the system that can be caused by larger issues down below.

And, by highlighting sewage treatment plant problems as soon as possible, there is more chance that repairs can be done, rather than a completely new septic tank being required.

Sewer drainage explainad

How a septic tank works

Septic tanks have two compartments. When waste flows into the tank, solids remain in the first container. The liquid then flows into the second area to be treated before being drained into the drainage field.

Septic tanks, or sewage treatment plants are typically used when properties don’t have direct access to sewer drainage. Instead, a drainage system is put in place to treat any waste and dispose of the treated liquid.

If your current septic tank releases treated water into a ditch or another watercourse – rather than a proper drainage field – contact Hampshire Drainage immediately. This system is now outdated and illegal.

We can help provide an inspection of the current system, as well as providing a new septic tank installation if needed.


Septic tank problems in North Baddesley

Septic tank problems can occur due to poor installation or maintenance. The three largest problems are as follows:

1. Cracks or damage to the tank

This can occur when there is too much pressure on the external walls, either from plant roots in the surrounding ground or vehicles being driven above the tank itself.

2. Blockage and build-up

Solid waste can build-up within the septic tank over time. This can cause blockages that leave a much narrower space for waste to flow through, dramatically decreasing the efficiency of the system. In extreme cases, large build-up inside the pipes can even lead to filters splitting or the pipe lining breaking.

3. Wear and tear

Like other home maintenance systems, septic tanks are susceptible to wear and tear as they age or if they are not correctly maintained.

To avoid these issues, we recommend scheduling an annual septic tank inspection to avoid costly damage in the long run. Usually, if a septic tank fails, and cannot be repaired, a sewage treatment plant installation will be used to replace the current system.

Eco-friendlier drainage process

Our Solution

Unlike septic tanks, sewage treatment plants use an eco-friendlier drainage process, which is becoming the more popular choice for councils to implement.

Understandably, it is difficult to see blockages or cracks in the pipework when the system is underground. However, if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you should consider contacting us as soon as possible:

  • Pungent odors
  • Marshy or dipped ground around and above the tank
  • Dark spots in the area
  • Toilets, sinks, or baths taking longer to drain
  • Waste flowing back up the pipes
  • The need for emptying the tank more often than usual
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From this, we can offer septic tank installation, maintenance, and repairs.

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