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Pressure problem with your drains?

Drain pressure testing Hilsea, Hampshire

Air pressure testing for your Hilsea, Hampshire drains is an ideal way to inspect and repair drainage systems or new plumbing.

Here at Hampshire Drainage, we can provide drain testing services in Hilsea for both domestic and commercial use, all in line with British standards and regulations (BS-EN-752:2008).

Investigating drainage problems with air

Air pressure testing for Hilsea drains

Our drain air pressure test is a quick and convenient way to identify issues in particular areas of the pipe. Using two pressure gauges, our expert engineers can highlight changes to air pressure within the drain and use this to locate damage or leaks.

Testing drains and pipes

How it works

Before testing, pipework will be inspected for any obvious leaks and breakages. This will likely be done with the help of CCTV drain surveying. If obvious damage is found, this will need to be fixed prior to any air tests.

If no obvious breakages are found, a section of the pipe will be closed off and isolated. This is typically a section between two maintenance holes for easier access. The pipe will be fully drained prior to the test, and all spigots and drains will be closed off, so no external sources are able to interrupt the test. Drainage usually occurs two days before testing.

Air is then pumped into the drainage system, and the pressure is monitored using two pressure gauges. Changes in pressure are recorded and used to identify potential issues and leaks within the drain.

If more clarification is needed, a water test will be used to verify these results. When the damage is located, the correct maintenance work will be attempted, and the pipe will then be tested again to ensure the repairs have completely fixed the issue.

Pressure tests for all properties

Our Hilsea drain testing services

Every project is unique, and each drain will require different levels of servicing and testing. This is why when a drain test is being conducted, the building control officer will need to be notified and present on site.

Our drain air pressure tests aim to ensure all pipework and plumbing is safe and of good working condition. This is particularly helpful for newly constructed property or commercial builds. However, the test can also be used to identify issues in older properties too.

Air pressure testing can help engineers and construction workers identify even the smallest of cracks and damage in the pipe before small issues develop into larger ones. Even a small leak can quickly turn into a larger crack and lead to subsidence or structural damage.

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