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Drain relining is an efficient, no dig repair solution for leaking drains. Leaks within the drain can lead to an abundance of problems down the line, from flooding and water egress to foul odours and even structural damage.

Hampshire Drainage uses cured-in-place pipe CIPP and patch repairs as they are a low-cost, speedy and effective solution to common drainage problems.

CIPP allows our engineers to fix leaking and damaged drains in a quick and effective way. A new pipe lining is created and cured within the original one to get your drains back to working condition.


There are several benefits to using relining patch repairs

Benefits of drain relining

Water infiltration reduction

This no dig repair also allows us to prevent the amount of water infiltration during the mending process, as well as after the drain is back up and running. By inserting additional lining into the inside of the broken pipework, further deterioration can be prevented. This also helps to avoid water infiltration into the ground around the pipe. Excess water in the ground can quickly lead to subsidence – causing huge structural risk for your property – and this is the last thing you want. Our team can help prevent this by using our expert no dig repair tactics.

Root ingress prevention

One of the most common causes of blocked or leaking drains is root ingress. When a plant’s roots eat through the original pipework, this can cause serious problems for the whole draining system. Relining solutions add an additional layer of protection from root ingress.

Low-cost, speedy, and effective

Without the need to excavate the drain, there is much less prep-time required. With the help of a heat source, the drain relining process can be completed within a matter of hours. The new lining will then work as effectively as the original pipe in place.

No excavation required

With the help of trenchless technology, drain repairs no longer require full excavation. Relining the original pipe can be done without digging up the pipework.

CIPP resin lining

How it works

If cracks in the original piping are identified, or you experience a collapsed drain pipe, our engineers are able to create a new lining using a CIPP resin.

First, our engineers will measure the size of the drain pipe in question. A polyester fibre sheet is cut and rolled into a tube of the correct size to fit and layered with resin inside.

The resin tube is then inserted into the original pipe. Air or water pressure is used to invert the tube so that the resin is now on the outside, ready to stick to the original drain lining.

CIPP lining can be cured on-site using ambient temperature or heat through water or steam. Curing the new drain lining can take approximately 4-10 hours, depending on the curing technique.

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We use only the best quality resins to create the lining and ensure all stages of the process are overseen by our team. We can offer 50mm-600mm diameter pipe repairs using the CIPP lining technique.

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