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Waterlooville Drain Jetting

Blocked drains are sometimes easy to fix, with a drain rod, plunger, or hot water flush. But, if you’ve noticed your drains are consistently getting blocked, or the sink and toilets no longer drain as quickly, chances are the block has either been pushed further into the system or is much bigger than you can tackle without the right professional tools.

That’s where we come in.

Drain jetting process

How it works

Our Waterlooville drain jetting service is one of the most effective and fastest ways to rid yourself of blockages and persistent drainage problems. It is a process in which highly pressurised water is used to clean out the drains and cut through grease, rust, or other substances that have built up.

The water is continually recycled back into the system, too, making the procedure not only fast and highly efficient but environmentally friendly.

Drain jetting is so effective it can tackle both small and large blockages. Everything from tissue paper build-up to tree roots in the pipework can be removed.

When drains have been jetted, the dislodged waste and build-up will be correctly disposed of, and your pipes will be in full working condition once more.

Emergency Waterlooville drain unblocking service

Our expert drain jetting company can provide emergency unblocking or regular maintenance services, so you don’t have to worry.

Benefits of drain jetting to unblock drains

There are a number of benefits to taking us up on this service, including:

Jetting gets rid of the problem, first time

Unlike drain rodding – which is used to push blockages further down the drain in the hope to release the pressure – jetting fully removes the problem the first time. The high-pressure water breaks down the blockage, making it easier to disperse and push through the whole drainage system.

Bends and dips are no problem

Due to the high pressure, jetting is perfect for cleaning up just about any drain – even those with dips and bends throughout the system. Other unblocking tools and procedures often get stuck at bends, meaning debris can quick build back up.

Rust, root, and fatberg removal

Here at Hampshire Drainage, we use specialised drain jetting to unblock drains and remove rust, tree roots, or fat and oil build-up. This highly effective tool is perfect for cleaning up any type of drain blockage.

Works as a preventative measure

As well as getting rid of any current blockages, jetting will also clean up the rest of the drain’s lining, meaning there is less chance of build-up happening again anytime soon. Using jetting as a regular maintenance service for your drains will help prevent any larger issues down the line.

If you’re looking for a Waterlooville drain jetting service provided by trusted and qualified experts, look no further than Hampshire Drainage. Our team of engineers can offer drain jetting or ultra-high-pressure jetting to unblock the grimiest of drains. Get in touch at 07872 605144 or info@hampshiredrainage.uk.

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