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Mortar removal from drains & pipes for Horndean

Drains and pipes can get clogged up by a lot of different things, be it tissues, fatbergs made from grease, hair, and other foreign objects such as toiletries. All of these can cause serious issues to the drainage of your property; however, none can be as damaging as having your drains and pipes blocked by concrete.

Thankfully, concrete blocking your drains isn’t a massively common issue for the majority of homeowners; however, it can be a big occupational hazard for builders and property developers using the material to build foundations. Thankfully, if your drains are ever blocked by concrete in Horndean, Hampshire Drainage has the solution.

concrete found in drains

Concreteberg removal

How do concretebergs form?

Concrete can enter the drains in a few different ways, but the most common is when contractors and builders are washing off their equipment, and the concrete on these devices trickle into the drain. This can be a problem because if this concrete starts to set, it can block these drains and cause problems.

As the concrete clings to the sides of the pipes, as it sets, it will reduce the diameter of the interior of the pipe, causing water to travel through the pipe at a slower rate and also making it more likely for food and human waste to block the pipes completely.

After prolonged and frequent periods of flushing concrete down a drain, it will eventually fully seal, and you will need a concrete removal service to unblock it.

Ways to dislodge mortar

How we remove concrete from drains in Horndean

There are a couple of different ways that concrete removal from drains can take place, but all are highly effective at dislodging the block. The preferred way for many drain cleaners is by using a robotic cutting device that can cut through concrete and stone blockages. This device can easily be inserted into a manhole and travels down the pipe, cutting through any blockage in its way. This method is really handy and simple to use, allowing for a quick and relatively inexpensive solution.

Alternatively, mortar removal from drains can also be done via ultra high-powered jetting machines that shoot out water at 10,000 psi to cut through large lumps that might be lurking in your drains. This machine also used a camera mounted to the device so that operators can see what they’re cutting.

Another method to remove concrete is to dissolve the blockage with a powerful acid, as this will soften the substance and allow anything that’s been backed up to flow through again. Hydraulic acid is the chemical of choice, and after it’s poured into the drain, it needs to be flushed out after three or so hours. This is something that individuals can do themselves; however, the process is really dangerous, so it might be best to call in the expert’s help.

When to call Hampshire Drainage?

Any drain blockage can be a pain. However, when concrete is involved, it can be a huge challenge to sort out without assistance. It’s always best to get help as soon as you need it. Thankfully with Hampshire Drainage, we’ll be able to help with emergency call-outs and get your drains working optimally again.

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