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One thing that makes servicing domestic drains difficult is that they are often hidden away. While none of us want to live with drains and pipework being visible, it does make it hard to quickly identify problems before they develop into bigger issues.

Over the past decade or so, however, advances in CCTV technology have made diagnosing drain leaks and breaks much easier. Here at Hampshire Drainage, we now carry out state-of-the-art crawler camera surveys to highlight issues and plan the best course of action to get your drains back up and running in no time.

We are able to survey pipes of all diameters, from 50mm – 2000mm. Using a remote-controlled camera means deep excavation of pipework is now the last resort, and less disruptive services can be provided in place. When we say we like to put our customers first, we mean it.


Why have your drains surveyed?

A CCTV drain survey will determine where the issues lie without intrusion, enabling us to bring in the experts and equipment you need to fix it without delay.

If you’re experiencing constantly blocked sinks, dishwasher flooding, or even just foul odours around the drains, you should consider a drain survey for one very simple reason: ease.

It can be difficult for you to know the exact service you require when you find yourself facing problems such as these. There are likely half a dozen reasons, and these aren’t always clear at first.

Therefore, you could find yourself ripping up your entire plumbing system to find the root of the problem. This costs you time and money and impacts your life far more greatly than a CCTV drain survey would have done.

How it works

A wheel-mounted camera is lowered into the drain system to capture HD imagery inside the pipes. These images are sent back to a monitor or mobile phone in real-time so that our engineers can survey the overall condition of the pipework, as well as identifying any issues.

Once the full system has been surveyed, the imagery is reviewed, and a course of action – if needed – is planned.

Are there any benefits?

Naturally, you might be wondering what the benefits of this type of work and why you should consider it. CCTV drain surveys offer two main benefits:

  • Identifies issues lower down
    Crawler camera surveys are perfect for finding hidden issues that are not visible from above the ground, such as collapsed drains, blockages, cracks, rodent infestations, root ingress, and more.
  • No more excavation
    With the use of photo technology, engineers can check the condition of your pipework without causing disruption or excavating the full drain.

    This not only makes surveying much more cost-efficient but also speeds up the diagnostics process.

Who should consider CCTV Drain surveys?

Anyone can and should make the most of CCTV drain surveys, but for business owners, building site handover survey managers, and homeowners, this is essential.

Building site handover

A building site handover survey will be required when building extensions or switching construction partners so that new project managers understand the current drainage system.

Water authority
pre-adoption survey

Builders, developers, and local authorities require a pre-adoption survey prior to the transfer of any assets that involve the drainage systems. The survey ensures the pipelines are safe and in good condition so that environmental risk can be minimized.


For homeowners, especially landlords, it is recommended that you book a homebuyer drain survey before signing the contract for your new home. In fact, most mortgage lenders now see this as a simple requirement. It also gives you, as the buyer, peace of mind that there are no hidden issues or risks that will need to be fixed later down the line.

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